KAMP Builds Better Infrastructure Serving the Muslim Community

India is a vast country with various communities living harmoniously in it. Each and every community of India has its specific lifestyle. However, irrespective of communities, comfort, and convenience is one of the prime factors that the Indian flat buys look for. Kamp Sir Syed Residency is an attempt of the reputed KAMP Developers to cater to the needs and the comfort of the Muslim community in Delhi. Kamp Sir Syed Residency is designed keeping in mind the lifestyle and the specific need of the Muslim community and providing them the comfort and the convenience. KAMP Developers engage the best architect and the designers for the development of the project to ensure that the resident can avail all the benefits of being in a contemporary living space.

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World Class Facilities at Sir Syed Residency, Dwarka

Sir Syed Residency shall be structured in such a way that the building is Earth Quake Resistant. High standard materials and products are used for construction process. According to the plan, Flooring will be wooden laminated or floored with an imported marbles. Walls would be popped with velvet paints. Kitchen may be designed as a modular kitchen with enough space and chimneys  where as walls  of the kitchens would be  framed with ceramic tiles. Piped gas line facility is provided for Kitchen use.

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Muslim Residency Announced in Memory of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Recently KAMP Developers are focusing on a new project named Sir Syed Residency at L Zone in Delhi. This project is dedicated to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who is the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan loved Muslim community to grow. He consider that most of the Muslims are leading a traditional lives. His objective is to turn Islamic people to lead a progressive life from traditional life.

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