Buying Your Dream House in Delhi is Now a Reality

Delhi, being the capital of the country, is now one of the most developing metropolitan states. Apart from being the capital, it is also now the fastest developing employment and urban hub of northern India. Considering the benefits, Delhi provides, buying a house in Delhi sounds like a dream to all the fellow of the country. But with the introduction of this scheme, people from all class of the society can start buying a house in Delhi. So, let us have a look at the major benefits of the new scheme that has caused a buzz among the citizens of the country.

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About the scheme

Affording a house in Delhi would be a dream for everybody until yet. Thanks to the fantastic initiative from the government, who along with private realty developer has come with an Affordable Homes Delhi scheme whihc would help- all the people of the society to buy a house in Delhi. Moreover, not only the flats are affordable, but also they are located in a convenient location which is well connected with all the major roads of the city.

Dwarka Housing Society is now one of the most affordable housing you will get which is fitted with all the necessary amenities. The housing in Delhi is an integrated housing system which is designed to fulfill all the requirement of a middle-class family. Along with this, the Dwarka Housing Societies also do cover other modern amenities such as 3-tier security, fully equipped unisex modern gym, along with a luxurious swimming pool as well as park and playground for toddlers and children. It has also kept in mind all the other necessary things such as covered car parking, electric backup, as well as 24X7 water supplies to all the houses of the housing society.


Prefer Antriksh Group Housing Units To Enjoy Your Life

Antriksh Group is one of the popular builders for high-quality housing units and they develop an attractive range of projects that perfectly suits for different budget. Now, most people also have dreamed of owning an affordable home in the National Capital.

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Now there are different choices available. Both private and government development agencies also offer a lot of high-quality residential projects in Delhi these are also available at an affordable price. Every project is developed under the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 so each project features all modern as well as updated technologies.

Diamond Multi-State Cghs:

If you need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with your family you must choose Diamond Multi State Cghs this project offers a home for millions of dream as well as there are different housing choices available including 1BHK to 4BHK apartment. Most importantly, it brings extra comfort.

Every project features modern amenities and facilities including high-speed internet connectivity, advanced security system, night water service, nonstop power supply etc. before going to make investment on L Zone Dwarka Projects you must consider taking the online reviews the Antriksh Group provides a special attention for covering all your needs so designed special entertainment zones including separate kids playing areas, as well as other entertainment options. Therefore choose the best property to enjoy your modern lifestyle, for more info you must take the online reviews.


Here’s what you need to know about DDA’s 2022 housing scheme

Delhi Development Authority has launched new Yojna in the year 2017. Under the plan, the authority is offering a total of 12,072 houses across Delhi that are of different types, shape, and sizes. Since June 30, the application of the scheme has been made available to the public. Mentioned below are the things offered by the scheme. If you are an interested buyer, then keep reading on.

What’s all about the project?

Talking about the Delhi Awas Yojna, it comes with a lot of beneficial advantages. Firstly, much to the excitement of the buyers, if they withdraw the purchase before fifteen days, then the withdrawal comes sans any kind of reduction or deduction. But if the 15 days’ time span is over, then they might be charged for 50% of the money (only when the withdrawal is made ahead of 90 days).


Second off, the most recent Delhi Housing Scheme doesn’t include any kind of lock-in period. This means that the buyers can sell out their respective houses to anyone before five years (unlike the previous scheme). The apartments, this time, are freehold instead of being leasehold. Moreover, the scheme includes a lot of benefits for customers who fall under the Lower Income Group or LIG. Much to the excitement of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) of buyers, there would be a total of 384 houses exclusively for the aforementioned group.

Third and probably the last in our views, the scheme of Delhi Housing Society focuses on the emerging areas of the city like the north-east, the north-west, and the west. This includes places like Sirsapur, Jasola, and so many more on the list

Get Affordable Homes Under Delhi Awas Mission

With the change in the lifestyle and living standards of people, we have seen an emergence and rise of various residential colonies by many real estate builders as well as the government contractors. All this is leading to better living standards for people so as to maximize and create a better atmosphere.

Delhi Awas Mission

It was in last ten years that DDA wasn’t able to acquire land and area for construction, whilst they had announced Delhi Awas Mission under the affordable housing scheme. The land pooling policy came out to be their savior in disguise.

There was no looking back then. Delhi Housing Society was set up to incorporate everything that the government thought can be added. Their main aim was to create a space that has all the basic amenities and spacious infrastructure at affordable price tag. All this and much more, everything cam true and Delhi Awas Mission became a huge hit amongst the consumers.

Who could have thought about getting 1 BHK to 4 BHK flats at such inexpensive rates? This was an achievement that the government has got until now.

This residential township has many benefits apart from it being under the affordable zone. After this there are ample of projects that have been initiated by the government as well as the real estate builders which will be completed by the MPD 2021.


The Address to Quality and Affordable Living in The Capital Of India

Delhi, the capital of India, is emerging have always been the center of attraction of Indian politics and economy since its foundation. Millions and millions of people from India and abroad migrate here in search of a quality living. The purpose could be for the job, education, medical treatment, short stay and many more depending on the purpose of the migrant.


Delhi is the perfect destination for Northern India if you want to make a fruitful career. With the rise in the opportunity in the arena of employment and jobs, you need to also think of the housing facility an accommodation for yourself and your family.

A standard to look for

 The Delhi Group Housing Society is a scheme that you will help you to realize your dream. An ambitious project by the Delhi Developmental Authority, it is a joint venture by the successive state government of Delhi and real estate giants all over the country to build up numerous housing projects in the Delhi and NCR regions.

The areas like Dwarka, Rohini, Vikas Puri, Mayur Vihar, Pratapganj and many more erstwhile partially developed areas will be filled with a plethora of apartment complexes ranging from 1 BHK to 4 BHK. Delhi Housing Society will have all kinds of modern amenities that you need to enjoy the living quality of international standard.

 The development will be modeled upon cooperative housing model or Delhi Multi State CGHS model. Apart from all primary and transportation amenities, these complexes will stress on the security and privacy of every resident. Each project is equipped with multiple tier security systems along with the CCTV surveillance all across the complex. The service for the security has taken the central aspect of the rising crime in the capital. That is why 24 x 7 hours security guard and escort service is provided to every individual living there.

Make Use Of The Enhanced Benefits Of Revanta Multi State CGHS

Suppose you have been keenly looking to contribute for a long time, at that point, Revanta Group enables you to take the advantage of the potential, the capital offers, and consequently, you are thinking about the right task.


Revanta Multi State CGHS offers rare chance to put resources into a property, which just got urbanized. Likewise, Revanta Smart Residency is a Revanta Multi State CGHS society and hence, the advantages of the product of a CGHS society accompany this one as well.  We offer you the better of the two universes. You get the opportunity to possess your fantasy home under completely endorsed and urbanized smart land pooling policy, and you get that at the cost computed in view of old land cost.

Revanta Smart Residency is a bright welfare society with a dream of value and on-time conveyance, and mastery in transforming individuals’ fantasy homes into reality. Revanta Smart Residency’s homes have astounding inside and its territory comprise of all the essential courtesies that are required to carry on with a prosperous life. Smart land pooling policy consultancy group have done exhaustive foundation examine on the land extends in Land pooling policy.

Effective advantages:

Inside a limited capacity to focus time, Revanta Welfare Society has encountered enormous development. We are based on client-driven approach and uncompromising business esteems. Smart land pooling policy consultancy is dealing with all the property related tasks in the Land Pooling Policy.

Under the honor winning Delhi MPD 2021, the limit of the NCT has been informed as advancement region with a specific end goal to make certain extra amount lodging stock to connect the intense request supply hole, which thus would tame unapproved and unlawful improvement and cut down the costs by offering the purchasers reasonable cum-approved options. Revanta Smart Residency is extraordinary compared to other suited for the general population of Delhi as indicated by that examination

The Benefits You Will Enjoy With Delhi CGHS Housing Project

Keeping into concern the real estate development taking place throughout the country with special respect to West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Bangalore, Delhi Development Authority has come up with a new vision of planning and development of Delhi CGHS Yojna and  Delhi smart cities under master plan for the zonal development.


It is serving as a link between master plan and the layout plan. According to MPD 2021, Delhi NCR will be divided in 15 zones. nAmong these 8 zones namely from A zone to H zone lie within the area which is already urbanized. O zone covers Yamuna River belt and the remaining i.e. J,K,L,M,N and P cover the remaining area which is yet to be urbanized.  As the capital city has been undergoing trouble in providing adequate residential units to the citizens, people are bound to live in agricultural land.

Benefits of the Land Pooling Policy

Among all the zones to be developed, the L zone is the largest but also has opened up new prospects for carrying ahead projects related to urbanization.  This zone comprises of 22,840 hectares land and lies between Gurgaon and Dwarka. Also the locational convenience has made this zone one of the most favored ones by the real estate developers looking ahead to invest with DDA Smart cities initiative.

The DDA land pooling policy is a plan that is applicable to about 95 villages and 5 five zones- namely the K-I, L, J, N and P-II. It is expected that by the next 7 years (approx.)the project will be completed but what you need to keep in mind when investing in Delhi Smart cities project is that the apartments will be priced keeping in concern the facilities that the builders are offering.

The land pooling policy comes with numerous benefits like:

  • Public-private sector autonomy
  • Eliminate illegal acquisition of land and,
  • Enhance development in the outskirts of Delhi

Wrapping up

Thus it will be a sound decision to invest with DDA smart cities if you are looking to invest in Delhi’s real estate sector.