DDA LDRP PLOTS- A Revolution for a Decent Home

Indian Government and its Urban Development Ministry has come up with a new plan for the farmhouse for the Low Density Residential Area which is known as LDRA. The plan was there since 2013 but it is now getting huge popularity due to the Land Pooling Policy announced by Delhi Government.


In the urban places of the city the farmhouse are built in places where ground water is not reaching at the proper level and day by day it is reducing. There are other factors like the infrastructure around these farmhouses does not support high density population and thus the infrastructure is very poor in this region. For these reasons the farmhouse are named as Low Density Residential Area.

The Main Feature of the DDA LDRA Policy

Delhi Government and India Government identified 47 villages which will come under LDRA. Now the point is that how many people wishes to live lavishly in the spectacular 1 acre farmhouse. There are some unique features of the policy:

  1. Initially minimum area for the farmhouse construction was 2.5 acres. But now it is reduced to 1 acre. Within this stipulated area one can built a lavish farmhouse.
  2. There are many who always desired to own a farmhouse in Delhi NCR. Now it is no more a dream. Once can build a farmhouse of maximum 8712 sq ft. Initially it was only 1000 sq. ft.
  3. The farmhouse will be under Delhi Municipality and under Delhi jurisdiction. They will not be outside city limit. They will comprise the urban part of the city. In future they will near to Delhi Smart City.
  4. Now most of the farmhouses are in Greater Kailash or in some parts of the South Delhi which is nothing less than 50 crores. Now with the LDRA Policy the prices will be around 3-5 crores and is affordable by the people of Delhi.

So, Delhi Government is happy to provide a good chance to the people to own a bungalow which was a longtime dream for them