Invest In DDA’ Smart Cities Project For A Luxurious Life

If you look at the year 1960s, the private sector wasn’t much strong in terms of economy and hence was unable to take the responsibility of urbanization and housing. It was therefore the government to take up such charges but again in 1980s, the private sector gained power and came back offering people with both residential and commercial projects designed as per the state of the art technology. As of today, the private sector holds a good market position and has given the real estate market a new shape. With the growing number of people migrating to Delhi, the price of land to has gone up. To ensure proper residential facility to all the residents, the Land Pooling Policy was created by the Ministry of Urban Development.

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A Glance at DDA’s Aim

The land acquisition bill, 1984 was eventually kept at rest and the Land Pooling Policy was proposed keeping in concern the land acquisition scenario in AP, Haryana Noida and West Bengal. DDA’s sole aim at present is directed towards urbanizing the rural areas i.e. from zone K-I, L, M, N, P-I and P-II and thereby leading to the creation of some more Delhi Smart cities. Moving ahead with DDA smart cities, world class apartments will be offered exclusively to the citizens, there will be a specified financial hub, and electricity driven buses.

The Project Specifications

In short, Delhi Smart Cities under DA will be nothing but one complete subcity and will be equipped fully with the latest technologies as well as the waste management methods. In the words of Balvinder Kumar, Vice Chairman DDA; there will be other facilities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, 24*7 electricity and water supply as well as rain water harvesting facility. Though the project is yet in its initial stage but the DDA smart cities will offer 2000 flats to the senior citizens and rest 800 tis Dwarka. Some more will be constructed in South Delhi and Rohini.