This is Why Smart Cities are All the Rage

MPD 2021 or Master Plan Delhi 2021 is a plan developed by the Union Urban Development Ministry that aims at turning the city into a well-planned and well connected city with cheap affordable housing for everyone.

DDA Smart Cities

A lot of middle class citizens cannot afford to live in the city because of the sky high prices of the houses but with Master Plan Delhi 2021 it will become easy to settle in Delhi as it promises to bring affordable housing within easy access of people. Master Plan Delhi 2021 is so well executed that it even won the prestigious ISOCARP award. Master Plan Delhi 2021 has a lot of projects under it, which all aim towards making housing affordable. One these projects is the Dwarka Smart City project.

What is smart city

Smart city is currently dominating every headline, what with the Prime Minister’s vision to set up 100 smart cities all over the country. Smart cities aim at providing the citizens with quality life with the help of smart solutions like urban mobility, IT connections, solid waste management and also e-governance.

Delhi Smart Cities are going to be some of the smart cities of the country, including Dwarka Smart City and DDA Smart City. They will have cheap housing, assured electricity and water supply and also safety and security for the residents.

How you may benefit from Land Pooling Policy

The Urban Development Ministry has drafted one of the finest policies for urban redevelopment – the Land Pooling Policy. Under this policy, everyone who owns land is qualified to sell that piece of land to the government. However, it has been strictly said that there will be no sale of land without the owner’s consent. By making use of the Land Pooling Policy, the owner can get back up to 40 to 60 percentage of the land that they give up. The rest of the land will be preserved by the DDA Smart City and it will be used for the infrastructural growth of the city.

Projects under taken by Dwarka Smart City

There are various projects under Dwarka Smart City that you can choose from. Some of these are:
• Urban Greek
• Antriksh Eco Homes
• Revanta Heights
• Antriksh Urban Heights
• Sir Syed Residency