Revanta Group known for quality and innovation is now all set for a new Commercial project Revanta Plaza

The L zone, located in West Delhi is considered as one of the best locations in the city to have a residential and commercial property.  MPD 2021 has been adopted to make a drastic change in the housing sector and provide cutting-edge infrastructure at economical rate in the most advantageous location in Delhi.


Revanta Group is known for its consistent and superior quality in both its residential and commercial projects. This group has come up with one of the most cost effective commercial project ‘Revanta Plaza’.

DDA L zone is considered to have excellent potential in retails and to provide the best inventories. Inventories are considered to be the most significant things for a business to work. This reliable group has provided a new face with its commercial project in the Land pooling policy. Revanta plaza is the first commercial project to be launched in Dwarka L zone. After successful completion of Revanta malls in Gurgaon and NCR they have turned to L zone by looking at the market statistics and development in that area. With its affordable rates, this project aims to provide the startups and small businessmen a head-start to their businesses.

The property trends of this area will surely surprise you. Since the last year, the property rates in Dwarka have gone up by 28%. If you just want a commercial office or shop for investment purpose or you don’t have inventories to run the business then you can put your shop under rent. Through the property trends, it is quite evident that many people are ready to rent an office in this locality. The property rates have increased by 47% as compared to the last year.  Revanta’s office space has been carefully designed by offering 200, 400, 600, 800 square feet of area with shops available at first, second and ground floor for their clients.


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