A Primer Real Estate Zone

With the announcement of the master plan 2021 by DDA, and also the creation of three different smart cities on the border of Delhi led to the rise of many residential and commercial creative projects that were brought in by different companies all over the nation.


The developmental plan currently aims at providing a huge proportion of the population with affordable housing in Delhi.

One of the zones that is expected to be affected by this master plan and the upcoming projects from various companies is the Dwarka L Zone, which will ultimately result in the formation of the smart city. Its importance is much more than the other areas is because of many reasons, size being one of the major causes. That’s the factor which makes it different from other sectors and makes it a principal target for various Residency and Commercial Sectors.

The project of creation of Dwarka smart city will help the people of South Delhi a lot as even after having jobs, many people in that region are not able to buy a house or have their own residence because of the high rates. With this, the project of Dwarka smart city, around 15-17 lakhs of people will get their own homes because of the reduced rates or the affordable rates available to them.

Being one of the major targets by many housing groups like Godrej, Tata, DLF the residential, commercial and public spaces that will be created here for the people will be of high quality delivering you with a class and a level up in your lifestyle. With DDA constructing other infrastructure like roads, sewage, metro services etc. this place will be one of the best regions around Delhi with high class infrastructure, residential and commercial spaces for the middle class people making all their dreams come true.