Why owning a house is the best investment

The generations have evolved in India and so have the perceptions about the quality of life. Today’s generation is vastly different from the one that’s gone by. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the beliefs and principles centered around investment were restricted to owning a piece of land and having a house to call your own. Then came gold, a scooter/car, etc. Today, however, times have changed. These investments are labelled to static for the ones who want to invest, a population in the minority. The majority, while are solely focused on enjoying lives and living it at high speed.


With the advent of Multinational companies in India, the wage bracket skyrocketed and the aspirations soared. From Nokia to Blackberry to iPhone, having the latest gadget, driving the fanciest of cars and wearing the sassiest of outfits became a statement of your status, in a marked departure from the times mentioned above where the tracts of land determined your social standing.

The problem lies in the gap between the security and the sacrifices associated with it and the lure of enjoying your hard earned money. Both of them carry their own merits. The city of Delhi, for example, makes it very improbable for a middle class family to own a piece of land. The predictions point to the possibility of the population bomb swelling to over 10 million in the next five years. The dream of owning a house, then, may fizzle out if the right action isn’t taken. An opportunity like the DAH NX One GreenTech comes at the right time for the residents of Delhi. Noida has been a bit left out from the tremendous growth that the NCR region has witnessed. However, with Gurgaon packed to its limit, the only place that can afford progress is the satellite town in Uttar Pradesh. Like many projects developed by the DAH group, this too comes with the assurance of world-class facilities like its predecessors in the DAH NX One range.

While catering to the aspirations of a luxurious lifestyle that has become the minimum requirement for a modern family, the NX One Noida offerings have also kept in mind the constraints that the modern lifestyle contains with respect to the money that can be afforded for investment. The payment options have been designed to make sure that the dreams of potential dwellers aren’t crushed from the mountain of interests. However, i\while ensuring that the offerings from the DAH group are affordable, there has been no compromise on the luxuries of the potential dwellers. Some of them which have become the norm are:

1) 24*7 security with CCTV cameras covering every inch of DAH NX One GreenTech to prevent any untoward incidents.
2) Wellness centers, Yoga halls, walking paths all across your apartments to help you stay in shape and enjoy your peace of mind.
3) Connectivity to National Highway 8 for smooth transit to the main city of Delhi

Many more can be added to this burgeoning list, but the most important thing that buying a house can give you are the assurance of a sound investment. Many schemes and promising offerings have bit the dust. The share market has its sectors that are fraught with incredible risks. However, a house has been the sound investment since decades. Our wise old grandfathers and parents alike have always stressed the importance of having a rooftop over your head. While ensuring you carve your own space in DAH NX One Noida, you ensure that you gain the benefit of those wise words.