Delhi LPP An Online Portal-Find All Latest Update About Land Pooling

The pinnacle of Land Pooling Policy is so gigantic that it would mark a new India which is now following the footpath of the most developed cities of the world yet keeping their uniqueness intact. The advantages of LPP are wide ranging which would enormously help to bring in a world class development through various builders as well as the government authorities.

Land pooling policy was announced in Sep. 2013 by the Urban Development Ministry. As per Delhi LPP, the early phase would see different land owners/developers/societies pool their land and relocate it to the government which would return percentage of land and retain percentage to build infrastructure. DDA and the builders would work in parallel for LPP Zone.

According MPD 2021, 6 Zones of assigned 15 zones come under land poling policy. The following zones are:
 J Zone
 K Zone
 L Zone
 N Zone
 P Zone
These zones are to cover the entire boundaries of Delhi with magnanimous development of housing and commercial. The time has come for Delhi to bring an extensive plan to tackle problems pertaining to land. If you want to know about the Dda Land Pooling Latest News, you can visit the . Delhi LPP is an online portal which contains all important information regarding land pooling policy and covers all new update about LPP. Our prime focus is to cover actual information about the land pooling policy implementations.