Land Pooling Zone the Best Investment Option for Affordable Luxurious Home

In November 2014, Ministry of Urban Development brought Land Pooling Policy to Delhi. The land pooling policy will turn entire Delhi into a group of integrated smart cities providing the best places to live and to work. In last couple of months, Delhi smart cities is covering every detail of the on-going process of land pooling. After the implementation of land pooling, the market of Delhi-NCR is going to be challenged big.


A simple calculation can be done on the level of economic ease of these homes by understanding the fact that real estate market of Delhi-NCR is the biggest one in India, Delhi has always eye witnessed price growth in any type of home. In such environment where inhabitants think of settling to native towns after completing their jobs in Delhi, a BSP of Rs 3000 is a game changer. Apart from that, it ropes the fact that every person of India can simply make living in Delhi and can reside at a tranquil place. At our online portal, you will get all the related land pooling policy news update.

In current, overall 30-50 projects were launched under the land pooling policy Delhi by various builders which saw further revision of prices per square feet. This means a superior, luxurious, roomy, comfortable home which could accommodate average Indian family is gettable at affordable price. People who are aware of this policy have already booked flats and are portentous their kin to do the same. If you are looking for the same investment option feel free to contact with Delhi Smart cities for the best property deals.