World Trade Center Expansion of Business Culture at Noida

World Trade Centre is identity of global success. Every organization, working all across the globe wants to be linked with the renowned business complex. WTC CBD has 332 licenses across world in 21 countries. The centre is home to over one million member companies including all fortune 500 companies. The buildings on an average enjoy 33% higher tenancy and 18& higher rental. The centre works as a growth catalyst whenever it goes. Expansion rate of the cities like Boston, Amsterdam, San Marino, Sao Paulo, Seoul and WTC Noida became 33.3%, 30%, 5.8%, 20.9%, 22.9% and 10 % correspondingly after WTC entrance. The WTC Noida emerged from a rich mix ideas generated from India’s first and largest architectural design competition in the commercial segment.

wtc noida

WTC CBD Noida is the most recent venture of World Trade Centre Association in the next megacity that Noida is. The WTC tower has an approx 3.5 lac sq ft of occupation space area and is built to embrace 3500 people. The tower acts as a exist example of live-work-play- a impressive tower with helipad. Well designed access at all levels through high speed elevators for quick and well-organized movements, with speed of 2.5m/s. higher floor to ceiling elevation provides better flexibility.

World Trade Center CBD Noida allowed world class business centre, large double height space on the ground floor can be used for exhibitions, product launches. State-of-the-art amenities for seminar and conferences! Unhindered view of the river, flood plain and expansion from office spaces and higher heights viewing deck on the top-most floor! The financial, social and political expansions in Noida have engrossed varied industrial giants to establish their undying bases.  It is rotating out to be a replica city because of its expansion in the areas of industry, commerce and trade.

Noida has also appeared as a real property hotspot for commercial and housing properties making it the next world-class city with designed infrastructure development. Noida, the next step of modernity, is on the path of becoming a highest business hub of not only Northern India but of India as a whole. Noida, a part of National Capital Region, within 40 years of its creation has exceeded the development in other NCR cities like Gurgaon & Faridabad. Several engineering & administration and other technical education institutes assure uninterrupted supply of educated manpower to the technical hub that Noida is.