Welcome to Smart City of The Residency

With the success of Phase 1, L-Zone Dwarka Phase 2 intends to take the concept of a smart city to a whole new level. At the center of it all is the The Residency which is a construction project development project done by Vanshi Buildtech Group. The core focus of the developers of the Vanshi Apna Ghar project is to match affordability of the houses to the residents. This is therefore the first Smart City project that is certainly not elusive. Besides, having been constructed with the Vanshi group means it meets the ideal qualities of a Smart City in terms of the house features and the service production.


Emerging amenities

The Residency Dwarka is in pursuit of a new path for residential living. As a symbol of organized urban development a resident will be able to;

  • Have easier access to public infrastructure like roads and hospitals from The Residency Dwarka area
  • Get better wireless communication facilities
  • Access basic services through their smart devices
  • Have an integrated information exchange system that ensures security of the residents as well

With the Vanshi Apna Ghar the Vanshi Buildtech group has gone a notch higher in ensuring that the residents remained cheered up with modern amenities. This is in line with the Delhi Master Plan – 2021 that is meant to revolutionize the way city dwellers should live.

A unique environment

The interior of the apartments Vanshi Apna Ghar is elegant with top notch finishes done on them to ensure maximum precision. They are a combination of modern housing style and also embodies fashioned living. Being in a Smart City the uniqueness goes beyond just the apartments. Phase 2 of the L-Zone Dwarka area where The Residency is situated boasts of a digital life that is eco-friendly. Therefore, residents are assured to have environment cautious neighborhoods, which are sustainable in the usage of resources like water and energy.


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