Leverage the Legacy of WTC at Chandigarh

Viridian RED in collaboration with the prestigious World Trade Centre Association has brought to Chandigarh the city’s own WTC. WTCA is an International network that creates business hubs in cities all over the world. They create a positive impact on regional and international businesses wherever they go, and brings together both private & government bodies to make the flow of commerce smooth and easy. It creates a powerful association of high-end entrepreneurs who control policy & legislation, making it a premium realty hub that never fails to deliver.


The WTC Club presents its investors an exclusive opportunity to have much more than just a realty property or business. The membership to a WTC Club provides you with similar amenities across the world. It’s like having your own office in cities all over the world, be it Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo or any other of the 331 odd WTCs centers. It’s an opportunity to unite with a league of world class leaders who help define the future of humanity through business.

WTC Chandigarh will bring up to date the way of doing commercial activities in India. The associations having workplaces in the WTC tower will experience an international standard of working environment. Apart from providing world class infrastructure in the complex, there will be good connectivity with other places in the city and outside as well. ISBT, City Centre, the Airport, Mohali railway station etc are all located within 15 mins drive from the complex.